CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Meeting

Please join us on Sunday, Sept 8th, at 7:00 PM at the Lake Club!

There will be a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) interest meeting on Sunday, Sept 8th at 7:00 PM in the Lake Club. Please help spread the word to your LC neighbors! Remind them that in an emergency we are going to need to help each other. With only 2-3 sheriff on duty in Tehama County and limited fire resources, we may get no outside help in the early stages of an emergency. Other areas of the county will need assistance too, and that will mean we may get no outside assistance early on. Here is a link to CERT info online to give you a better idea of what this team does  https://californiavolunteers.ca.gov/community-emergency-response-team-cert/

People, with all skills and levels of ability can help. The program provides all of the training, and even if you are not physically able to do some of the tasks, there are other ways to help out on the team.  CERT is a key component of preparedness!

This meeting doesn’t obligate you to join, but you will get more info about the team from Sgt Houghtby, Tehama County’s Office of Emergency Preparedness rep and me.   If we want Tehama County to support a CERT, we need to have a good showing at this meeting. Again, spread the word! Sgt Houghtby wants to do this, but he needs our help to get support from the county. We need to show the county that we are serious about this. We demonstrate that by showing up and saying we want to participate.

Thank you all and if you have any questions, email me at sharoncrawford@cologiq.com or call/text me at 619-985-4400. If you will be out of town but are still interested, please email me, and I will print the email and bring it to the meeting.

It will be helpful if you email or text me to let me know you will be attending so I can get materials prepared, but come even if you did not RSVP.

After the fires in San Diego county, my former community started a CERT, and I was proud to be a member. I saw first hand how CERT improved our preparedness and enabled us to help each other in an emergency.  Come be part of the solution - see you on Sept 8th!


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Road Work August 2019

The main portion of this year’s Microsurfacing road rehabilitation project will begin on August 5th and should be completed on August 8th. We have a tentative schedule listed below so you will be aware of work that may be taking place near your residence. The work times will be from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day. The work crews will do all they can to accommodate residents while working in front of their homes, however you could experience a 2-hour delay once the seal goes down from leaving or entering your driveway. Please follow the directions of the work crews, make sure vehicles are parked in appropriate areas to should you need to leave, and allow extra time should you live on or travel on one of these roads. Signs will also be posted prior to the work starting in these areas.


August 5th:

½ of Riverview from Forest Glen to just past Squaw Creek Place

½ of Riverview (past fire station) to locked Gate.

Weaverville Place

Fort Seward Place


August 6th:

Other ½ of Riverview from Forest Glen to just past Squaw Creek Place

Other ½ of Riverview (past fire station) to locked Gate.

Canyon Dam Place

Stringtown Place

Buckeye Place


August 7th:

Sloop Lane

½ of North Marina/South Marina Way

Alee Place

Yar Place

Starboard Place


August 8th:

Other ½ of North Marina/South Marina Way

Yawl Place

Ketch Place

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LC Safety Fair Map

Here is our map / flyer for the 1st annual Lake California Safety Fair Event. Please come by the office and grab one early or pick one up when you get down there on June 22nd. Hope to see you all there!

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05/21/19 Board Meeting

Reminder POA Board Meeting on Tues, May 21, 2019 at the Lake Club at 6 PM for the Annual Meeting and at 7 PM for the regular May meeting. We will be hearing a Roads presentation from Tehama County during the 6 PM Annual Meeting. Please attend!

The rules are being updated separately per the agreed process from the April meeting. See http://www.lakecalifornia.net/general-blog/proposed-process-to-update-rules-pertaining-to-board-meeting-tonight

That means is my motion to update the rule 'Animals' (item 9 under New Business) is not reconsidering what types of animals may be kept at a residence. It is only cleaning up the existing rule. I know in the past there was a lengthy chicken debate. We will NOT be debating chickens during the May meeting. That is not the intent here. If you have questions please email me at sharon.lcpoa@gmail.com.

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NOTICE: Front Gate

The laser that reads vehicle bar code sticker’s started having intermittent issues this morning. It is currently working at this moment. We have contacted our vendor and requested the repair as quickly as possible. We have also approved an increase in gate attendants during late afternoon/early evening drive time, as needed. By doing so we hope to keep traffic flowing and get residents through the gate as quickly as possible during heavy drive time hours.

While this is not something we could foresee, we are sorry for this inconvenience.


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