Father's Day Beer Yoga

A couple weeks ago, a friend invited me to beer yoga in Redding.  I don't regularly attend yoga classes but this certainly intrigued me.  The yoga session was held at a local brewery.  I was told that beer yoga is the new "thing."  All participants were poured a pint of beer, in a plastic cup of course, and we began.  We moved through traditional yoga posses (down dog, warrior, tree, etc.) all while holding and attempting to drink beer.  This was absolutely the most fun I had ever had during a yoga session.  The beer was fantastic, the instructor was extremely talented, and the mood was light and fun.  The hour flew by and I immediately needed to know if I could bring this to Lake California.  The instructor was thrilled to be invited out to our community to hold a beer yoga session. 

Beer Yoga.jpg

If you are not a beer drinker but hope to participate, wine yoga can easily be substituted.  If you would like to participate with young children, juice yoga will also be available.  No experience is necessary.  This is a fun event for family and friends to get together and enjoy something a little different.  Treat your dad or treat yourself.  Sign up by sending me an email: lounge@lakecalifornia.net, you can message me through Facebook, or visit me down at The Lake Club.  I look forward to seeing you all for Father's Day Beer Yoga.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads.

Kate Wood

Lake California