New Food Options for The Lake Club

There have been so many exciting additions to The Lake Club but my favorite development is the addition of food being offered.  In the past seven years, I have personally developed a food obsession.  Most conversations in my home usually consist of what to eat next.  Whether we choose to go out to dine or cook in our home, my husband and I are often discussing developing our own wing sauces, how best to slow roast pork, who has the best pho in town, when should we have another pig roast, etc.  I have been so thankful and excited to develop a menu for The Lake Club.  My obsession with food and providing good food for people to come together and enjoy is what I am so excited to share with the community.  

With the help of our lovely local chef, Ms. Hannah, The Lake Club has a full menu that we will be serving four days a week.  Yes, four days a week.  The Landing, the name in which we have given our food project, will be serving delicious meals Thursday through Sunday.  The Landing will open when The Lounge opens and will continue service to 9 PM.  

Since the completion of the beautiful kitchen in The Lake Club, the food concept has gone through several phases.  Starting with Five Dollar Friday, growing into a small menu being offered Saturday and Sunday, The Lake Club now feels like it is taking full advantage of everything that can be offered.  The menu now has appetizers, salads, entrees, sandwiches, burgers, and more.  Most items are made in house with fresh ingredients and love.  

Orders still have to be taken in The Lounge but, families with children may enjoy food in the main room, game room, or on the patio.  Residents over 21 may dine in The Lounge.  Hannah and I are happy to accommodate most requests as we want all residents to take advantage of having such an amazing clubhouse right down the street.  If you have not been to The Lake Club, stop in and see everything that we have to offer.