LC Residents are my priority

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The Lake Club is busier than ever, and not just with Lake Club specific food and events but with private parties.  As we move into the summer, The Lake Club is being booked for weddings, birthdays, and more.  There seems to be a little confusion with private parties that I would like to take a moment to clarify for all residents. 


Every individual who books a private party is informed of the common areas within and around The Lake Club that residents, no matter what time, can enjoy.  These areas include The Lounge, the game room in The Lake Club, and the patio.  If you see that there is a private party on the calendar, do not be discouraged to visit The Club.  Venue renters are thoroughly informed that residents are allowed to be in the common areas during private parties.  If for any reason someone from the private party attempts to make residents uncomfortable, this should be reported to me so that I can reiterate the rental agreement rules.  If the patio happens to be decorated for the private party, understand that they decorated for ambiance, but that residents are still allowed to enjoy the common area.  I make a point to inform all private parties of this and I don’t want any resident to feel that they cannot enjoy their amenity.  On the other side, residents should be respectful of the spaces that are being rented and should not try to find themselves “crashing.”  Ultimately, I cannot resolve issues if I am not informed of them in that moment.  Please come to me with any concerns or questions.

Lake California