The Stone Hearts to rock The Lake Club

I am so excited about the next live music performance to take place at The Lake Club.  The Stone Hearts are a versatile and dynamic group that perform timeless classics from the 60's and 70's through today.  The Stone Hearts will keep you on the dance floor moving to a rock and roll sound filled with soul and a little rasp.  This group is a powerhouse that enjoys playing some of the big venues in our area such as the Cascade Theatre, Win River Casino, Pit River Casino, Big Bike Weekend, Kool April Nights, and so much more.  I am stoked to have The Stone Hearts rock The Lake Club this Friday, July 20th, at 7 PM.     

The Stone Hearts123.jpg

A few members of The Stone Hearts will be collaborating with members of The Pine Dogz and Morris and Love this Wednesday, July 18th, to open at The Mosquito Serenade.  Be sure to check them out at the beautiful Anderson River Park music venue and enjoy The Stone Hearts this Friday.  

Lake California