Resident Resources

What you need to know

Residents often have questions pertaining to their own home repairs and remodels, and often questions about the work done in the community.  You can find many answers to your questions and even the forms necessary to complete certain projects on your own property.  Much of the work around the community is maintained by our Maintenance Department but if you are looking to repaint, remodel, or make big changes to the outside of your property, you need to submit an Architectural Alterations Application and it needs to be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to you starting your work.

Even though Lake California is a private community, there can still be mild nuisances that need to be addressed.  The Compliance Officer may be able to answer your questions and if you need a form, you will be able to find it here.

Check out all the happenings within the Lake California newsletter and for further questions, be sure to look over all the FAQ’s.