Lake California Airport/Runway


The airport can be utilized by all the residents and guests of residents in Lake California.  It is a misconception that you must live on the airport to use the landing strip.  Any resident can take advantage of this amenity and residents may invite guests from out of town to land in Lake California as well. 

The airport is also designated as an official landing pad for emergency helicopters in the case of evacuation.  The landing strip is large enough for Cal Fire to use as a staging area in the case that there are rural fires that need to be tended to.  The airport allows Lake California to maintain these extended safety measures and brings added security to the community.       

The Lake California runway is located at latitude 4W21.67' North and longitude 122°12.91' West, is 3056' long and 75' wide. The runway is marked 15 & 33. The north end of the runway is 30' lower than the south end. Pilots need to be aware of the close proximity of the SE corner of the Redding Municipal Control Zone. There are eight tie-down spaces on the West Side of the south end and one on the East side of the north end.

Visitor's Notify the POA with Aircraft # when landing.

Visitor Tie-down Fee $5.00 per day


Airport Committee Meeting: Second Tuesday of every month at 2:00 p.m. at the Lake Club

Airport Committee.jpg

Airport Committee Members

Chairperson: Gene Evans

Co-Chairperson: Mike Tripe

Secretary: Steve Chain

Dan DeArman, Tom Smith, Rob Moore, Terrance Maroste, Louise Wilkinson, Geoff Crawford