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Q:  How do I add a party to my DwellingLive account? 

A:  Log into your account, click on your guest list, click on add party, type in what kind of party you are having in the “party title box”, put in your party date the start date and end date should be the same date as your party, then type in your guests names click add (do this step for each member in your party), once all members are added then hit save.   


Q: How do I make a complaint about a nuisance dog? 

A: Neighbors should start by talking with each other to try and work out these types of issue together. Regulating and bring a violation against a Property Owner for any “unreasonable” disturbance or annoyance by a pet can be very difficult for the LCPOA, not only is it something that is hard to verify and demonstrate that barking of a dog is for no apparent reason, there are also portions of the Fair Housing Act that have to be taken into consideration. For these reasons LCPOA management request that any complaints of running loose or nuisance barking of dogs be made with the Animal Control Division of the Tehama County Sheriff’s Department at telephone number (530) 529-7900 ext.1. TCSD complaint forms for the nuisance dogs are also available at the LCPOA office which residents can fill out and have the office fax to the Sheriff’s Department for them. It should be noted that the TCSD Animal Control Division requires that written complaints be received from three (3) different property owners owning property within three hundred feet (300’) of an allegedly nuisance dog for there to be a consideration of violation.


Q: What can I do if there are complaints of nuisance barking of my dog? 

A: The community CC&R’s and Rules & Regulations both require that owners of dogs must prevent prolonged barking or baying. If you have an issue with your dog barking for long periods and at various hours of the day and night, you should try placing your dog in an area where it’s sight of activities is obstructed. You can also try using one of the commercially available bark control training collars that start by delivering an audible tone, vibration warning and then mild static shock or there are also the type collars that deliver a burst of citronella spray that dogs find unpleasant to help them understand that barking is not acceptable behavior. 


Q: What should I do if I observe someone speeding or driving in a reckless manner? 

A: The LCPOA has contracted with the California Highway Patrol for patrols and enforcement within the community of the traffic and vehicle operation laws. Community rule RR-06-22 SPEED LIMIT states in part that “Posted speed limits in Lake California will be enforced by C.H.P. and local law enforcement agencies.” If you do witness someone speeding or driving recklessly there is no need to contact the LCPOA office; do gather as much information as possible about the vehicle and contact the C.H.P. at 1-800-TELL-CHP (1-800-835-5247) or contact the Tehama County Sheriff’s Department at telephone number (530) 529-7900 ext.1.