The Scarlet Ladies of Lake California

Fun and Friendship After 50

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Red Hat Clubs grew like wildfire all over the world as women over 50 responded to this idea of challenging the status quo, bringing back some of the fun of their youth and doing it with good friends. Many under-fifty women wanted to join so a pink hat membership was added. When a member turns 50 there is an elaborate “REDUATION CEREMONY’ where her pink hat is removed and she is given a new red hat. The idea of the Red Hat Society was begun when Sue Ellen Cooper, Founder, spotted a poem while window shopping.

Each chapter of the Red Hat Society chooses a queen to rule and the queen chooses her court to help her.  The Scarlet Ladies have had six queens over the last 15 years and each queen has had her own style of running the chapter. 

When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple, With a red hat that doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.
— Jenny Joseph
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Yvonne Souza, Founding Queen followed by:

Jeannette Cunningham

Teri Hancock

Debbie Thomas

Charlotte Vais,

Gail Russell, who is called Queen Eeyore because of her huge collection of Eeyore memorabilia, is the current queen.

Information about Scarlet Ladies luncheons can be found each month in the Lake California Community Newsletter.  If you would like to join in all the fun and become a member of the Scarlet Ladies, call Queen Eeyore at 530-347-3151.