Lake California Campgrounds

Lake California Property Owners Association (LCPOA) is a private gated community that covers approximately 5,000 acres. Access to the community is privileged only to confirmed property owners and their guests. We welcome you as our invited guests to our private RV Park and Campground. Our rules are intended to ensure a safe and pleasant camping environment for everyone during your stay with us.

Pre-Registration is required, with confirmation of the current Member and can be made via phone. Register and pay the appropriate fee to the Campground Host upon your arrival, (you may select your choice of vacant spaces in the appropriate section, please check at campground Kiosk.) If you decide to stay longer after you have registered, please notify the Campground Host and pay the additional fees.

Call (530) 347-7908 to register your spot with us.



RV Property Owners $25.00 Night
RV Non Property Owner RV's $30.00 night
RV Weekly Rate Property Owner $125.00
RV Monthly Rate Property Owners $500.00*
(*While building a home in Lake California not to exceed 12 months per AC rules)



Property Owners Only $20.00
1 Tent & 1 Car Per Site



  • The community pool IS NOT part of the campground amenities - swimming available at lake, creek, or river.
  • A maximum length of stay is 20 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. No refunds for early departure.
  • No Pets Allowed
  • The RV Park/Campground is a high fire danger area, therefore any fire if prohibited.
  • The heavy vegetation that makes the Park attractive is also host to many forest critters that typically inhabit streamside zones. These can range from ticks and spiders to bobcats, coyotes, skunks and rattlesnakes. You need to be aware that you are in a relatively wild area. Please use caution and common sense as you enjoy the sites and explore the surrounding territory.
  • Please do not abuse camping privileges by over crowding one campsite.
  • All camping is at individual's own risk; the LCPOA accepts no liability for injury or damage.

Please be careful and enjoy your stay! Thank you for camping with us.