Compliance Information

Lake California is committed to creating a peaceful attractive community that all residents and their guests can enjoy. As such, the role of the Compliance Department is to serve as the eyes, (and sometimes ears) of the community’s Board of Directors and Management reporting directly to the Association’s General Manager.  The Compliance Department is task with the duty of informing property owners throughout the community of issues concerning violations of the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R’s) and the Rules & Regulations that all property owners agree to abide by when purchasing property within most any type of an Association. After a violation notification, it is then the duty of the Compliance Department to follow-up and determine if the violation has been corrected and brought into compliance and if it hasn’t, to then bring the issue to the attention of Management for the next course of action to be decided upon. It should be noted that the Compliance Department doesn’t make, write or vote on the implementation of any the Governing Documents or Rules & Regulations within the community.

Common Compliance Issues

  • No fee-based swimming lessons permitted within Lake California Community Pool.
  • Please remember that trailers, boats and RV's are only allowed to be parked at your residence for 48 hours without being diffused from view of the street by means of being behind a six foot (6’) high Architectural Committee approved fence.
  • No firewood, green, downed, or dead, may be cut and/or gathered from land within Lake California without the expressed written permission of the landowner.
  • All holiday decorations must be removed from the FRONT of the house within 30 days of the applicable holiday.
  • Please keep your property maintained in an attractive condition at all times for the overall aesthetic appearance of the community and remember to also maintain your drainage easement along your property by keeping it cleared of tall grass, weeds and debris, with the rainy weather it will cause some on-road flooding if you do not.
  • NO motorized vehicles, ATV's, or dirt bikes shall be used on any trail, greenbelt area, or other unpaved area or any road posted as closed by the POA.
  • Please obey all posted speed limit signs within Lake California, violators will be referred to CHP.
  • ALL COMPLAINTS must be in writing and signed, to have the Compliance Department take any action. 

Compliance Documents