CERT interest meeting Sept. 8th @ Lake Club 7 pm

Hi all just a reminder – We will hold a CERT interest meeting on Sunday, Sept 8th at 7PM in the Lake Club. Please tell everyone you can and RESPOND to this email with yes or no that you are going to be at the meeting! If you will be out of town but are still interested, please email me, and I will print the email and bring it to the meeting.

Forward this info to all of your LC friends and neighbors. Remind them that in an emergency we are going to need to help each other. With only 2-3 sheriff on duty in TC and limited fire resources, we may get no outside help in the early stages of an emergency. Other areas of the county will need assistance too, and that will mean we may get no assistance early on. 

This meeting doesn’t obligate you to join, but you will get more info about the team from Sgt Houghtby, Tehama County’s Office of Emergency Preparedness rep and me.   In order for the county to support a CERT, we need to have a good showing at this meeting. Again, spread the word! Sgt Houghtby wants to do this, but he needs our help to get support from the county. We need to show the county that we are serious about this, and we do that by showing up and saying we want to participate.

Thank you all and if you have any questions email or call me at 619-985-4400.

Sharon Crawford

Lake California